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Users, Usage And Electric Bicycle Suggestions 



Commuters who wish to ride an electric bicycle to travel directly from home to work and back on a daily basis tend to choose bicycles with larger wheels and conventional (non folding) frames, as these provide the best ride. Those who have a commute just a few miles each way often prefer to have gears so that an optimum pedaling speed can be chosen if and when desired. With regard to distance, the range commuters travel on electric bicycles varies considerably. We know of some riders who travel less than a mile per day while others cover in excess of twenty miles per day. The electric bicycles we suggest commuters consider, in no particular order, are the Milan 2 (31kg), Windsor (22kg), Salisbury (22kg) and UM44 (21kg) for the medium/normal to larger rider and the UM55 (21kg) for the smaller rider. If lighter bicycles are preferred then the Windsor, Salisbury, UM44 and UM55 should considered as all have Lion batteries and Aluminum frames.

Commuters whose journey includes a train or car journey

When an electric bicycle must regularly be placed in the boot of a car or on a train then an folding electric bicycle is often considered as an alternative to the rigid framed bicycles listed above. Good reliable folding electric bicycles are hard to fund, the UM26s is both very light, well made and offers a good ride.

Boating, camping, caravanning, motorhome users and holidaymakers

Boating, camping, caravanning, motorhome users and holidaymakers can have widely differing requirements and expectations of their electric bicycle. Some simply want a small electric bicycle to go to and from their local store a trip often no more than a few hundred meters in length, while others like to use their bicycle for travel and exploration and may wish to cover twenty or more miles each day. In addition, some holidaymakers demand a folding bicycle since it must be transported in a car boot, onboard a boat or in a small space while others can attach a rigid framed bicycle to the roof or rear of their vehicle. Practical bicycles include Windsor, Salisbury, UM44s, UM44sL and UM55 from the rigid frame group and UM26 from the folding range. All are light in weight. For light off road use the UM36sx mountain bike style electric bicycles is a distinctive and fun alternative.


Electric bicycles used to transport shopping require carrying space. Electric bicycles which come with a rack as standard include the Milan 2, Windsor, Salisbury, UM44, UM44L, UM55  from the non folding frame range and the UM26s from the folding electric bicycle range. All bicycles can however be fitted with a front basket for additional carrying capacity

Increased Mobility

Many people who purchase an electric bicycle do so as it gives them more independence and enables them enabling them to get-out-and-about. The best solutions here tend to be the simpler, and thus lighter, electric bicycles, often with low step through frames these include the Windsor (22kg), UM44sL (without a crossbar, 21kg), UM55 (21kg), UM26s (21kg). All have Lithium batteries and aluminum frames, thus keeping total weight to a minimum. 

Genuine Electric Mopeds

In addition to electric bicycles, which look like mopeds, we also offer a range of electric bicycles which are actually classified as mopeds and thus require DVLA registration etc. These are considerably bigger and heavier (over 100kg) than our electric bicycles ranging from 1.5 kilowatts to 2 kilowatts in power and require that the rider hold an approved license, insurance and wear an approved crash helmet.

Electric Bicycles Just For Fun

Without exception, all electric bicycles are fun. The magic of being whisked along effortlessly and silently often at speeds which would make pedaling arduous brings a smile to most faces. For many of our customers each and every electric bicycle, scooter and moped we list could fulfill all their needs. However, for those in search of an electric bicycle with a care free character the mountain bike styled UM36sx from Urbanmover is very good.

And Finally,

Please don't be left believing that there are hard and fast rules about electric bicycle selection. Frequently any one of the electric bicycles we offer could fulfill all the tasks asked of them and thus personal preference is far more important than wheel size, frame style or weight. 

One thing to remember is that electric bicycles need not break the bank. Spending less than 500 you can have a nice electric bicycle. 500-600 buys a quality electric bicycle and 700-800 a high quality machine employing the latest technology in a well proven package. More expensive and sophisticated models are of course available.

We hope this section helped outline some selection criteria that can be employed while selecting an electric bicycle.

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