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Guardian Article By Miles Brignall

In July the Guardian Money section journalist, Miles Brignall wrote an article about Verteci praising the our electric bicycle that we left with him and and our electric bicycles in general. See the Miles Brignall article below.
Click Here To View.

LIVE On SKY NEWS at Lutterworth
with Special Correspondent Robert Nisbet

The important issues of global warming, CO2 emissions and the need for their reduction has been emphasized all this week on SKY news.

As part of their series we were invited to talk with Special Correspondent Robert Nisbet about the part electric bicycles can play in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric bicycles consume just one hundredth of the energy of a typical car per mile traveled. They can also be recharged from electricity generated using wind or nuclear power, both of which produce absolutely no CO2 emissions at the point of electricity generation and make an electric bicycle completely emission free.

The SKY news green series has spent a week looking at the many different ways that all of us can help cut global CO2 emissions, from increasing loft insulation and changing light bulbs to walking to school or going by electric bicycle.

Thank you and jolly well done SKY news and Robert Nisbet.

Cambridge Evening News Article
By Jenny Champman

Andy gets on his electric bike and heads for a greener future

If you fancy swapping your car for a bike, but are worried it might turn out to be a bit of an uphill struggle, look no further than This is an online electric bicycle shop founded by Cambridge engineer, Dr Andy Firth.
"Electric bikes are, without doubt, the greenest form of powered personal transport," he says. Andy is hoping his business is going to come into its own with the burgeoning interest in green power, together with increasing taxes on anything less than green.
"An electric bike uses 100th of the energy per mile used by a car. If all US car drivers switched to electric bikes, America would have the same CO2 footprint as Wales," he says.
"Electric bikes don't need MoTs, don't pay road tax and don't need insurance, and you can start riding them when you are 14. You don't even have to wear a crash helmet."
Andy has swapped his former lifestyle as a City trader with Credit Suisse to pedal his own canoe.
Reproduced with the kind permission of Cambridge Evening News - Jenny Chapman

St Andrews In Focus

A Different Sort Of Life

Below is a photograph of a happy Verteci customer from St Andrews in Scotland on his Folde electric bicycle. It was published alongside an article, "A Different Sort Of Life".

Reproduced with the kind permission of St Andrews In Focus

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