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The Environmental Benefits Of Electric Bicycles,
Electric Scooters, Mobility Solutions and Electric Quads

Below are outlined some of the many benefits of electric vehicles:

  • Very Low Energy Use - Electric vehicles use a small fraction of the energy used by a car, bus or train thus keeping greenhouse gas production to a minimum. How? - Well they are naturally efficiently engineered using the latest battery, controller and motor technologies, they are light in weight, and some even generate electricity and charge the battery as they roll down hill or are brought to a stop!
  • Zero Air Pollution At The Point Of Use - Electric vehicles have no exhaust, so they emit no greenhouse gases or other pollutants whatsoever at the point of use. This makes the local environment in which they are used healthier for all.
  • Very Low Noise Pollution - Electric vehicles make little noise when ridden, so they are more pleasant to ride and keep neighborhood and road noise down, again making local environments healthier and more social places.
  • Low Manufacturing Resource Consumption - Being smaller, electric vehicles tend to weight considerably less than alternative forms of transport and hence their manufacture consumes less steel, rubber, plastic and other materials than alternative forms of transport.
  • Low Shipping Mass - Being smaller electric vehicles tend to weigh less than alternative forms of transport, less shipping is required to transport them to the customer so more can be transported in a single shipment, again saving the earth's resources.
  • Low Recycling Demand - Yet another benefit from these low weight vehicles is the smaller demand on recycling facilities when the product does eventually reach the end of its lifecycle!
  • Can Utilize 100% Zero Emission Energy - Electric vehicles can be charged using 100% renewable energy making their total cycle emissions truly zero. This can simply be achieved by purchasing household electricity from a green energy provider (call us for details).
  • Typically 25% Zero Emission Energy - In the UK we produce approximately 25% of our electricity from nuclear power which produces zero greenhouse gas emissions when generated. So the little electricity a typical Electric Bicycle, Scooter or Moped consumes is automatically 25% emission free!
  • Furthermore, There Are Many Other Owner Benefits - VERY cheap travel, easy parking, the fun of riding on the latest technology, no need to stop at smelly petrol filling stations, no road tax costs (on electric bicycles (EAPCs)), minimal servicing requirements, etc.
In summary, electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric mobility solutions and electric quads are amazingly environmentally friendly, efficient, cheap and simply to run, so make journeying easy and fun - Go Electric.
Electric Bicycles
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