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Rechargeable Battery Lookup Table

Find below a list of products and the batteries that they employ. A useful check is to measure the dimensions of the battery to ensure it conforms with the location in which it must be placed. All key battery details are supplied on the batteries page.

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ModelDescriptionVoltageBattery TypeModel Link# Required
Verteci Zi9Electric Bicycle/Scooter Style48SLADK12120C4
Verteci UM24Electric Folding Bicycle24NiMH243644551
Verteci UM36Electric Mountain Bicycle24NiMH243644551
Verteci E-CycleFolding Electric Bicycle36SLA/NiMHCall3/1
Verteci FoldeFolding Electric Bicycle24SLADK12120C2
Verteci ED1Rigid Electric Bicycle36SLADK12120C3
Verteci THD9Rigid Electric Bicycle36SLADK12120C3
Verteci UM44Rigid Electric Bicycle24NiMH243644551
Verteci ATVElectric Quads/ATV36SLADK12120C3
Verteci UM55Rigid Electric Bicycle24NiMH243644551
Verteci E100Small Electric Foot Scooter24SLADK12452
Nutpie E100Small Electric Foot Scooter24SLADK12452
Nutpie Jambuster 100 WattSmall Electric Foot Scooter24SLADK12452
Nutpie SR102Small Electric Foot Scooter24SLADK12452
Nutpie Super Scooter 100 WattSmall Electric Foot Scooter24SLADK12452
Nutpie Sweam 100 WattSmall Electric Foot Scooter24SLADK12452
Zi9Electric Bicycle/Scooter Style48SLADK12120C4
UM24Electric Folding Bicycle24NiMH243644551
CaddimaticElectric Golf Caddy12SLADK12180C1
ElectraElectric Golf Caddy12SLADK12180C1
EvergreenElectric Golf Caddy12SLADK12180C1
FraserElectric Golf Caddy12SLADK12180C1
Hill BillyElectric Golf Caddy12SLADK12180C1
Kaddie BoyElectric Golf Caddy12SLADK12180C1
LawiaElectric Golf Caddy12SLADK12180C1
PowaKaddyElectric Golf Caddy12SLADK12280C1
PulsarElectric Golf Caddy12SLADK12180C1
StrollaElectric Golf Caddy12SLADK12180C1
UM36Electric Mountain Bicycle24NiMH243644551
E-CycleFolding Electric Bicycle36SLA/NiMHCall3/1
FoldeFolding Electric Bicycle24SLADK12120C2
ED1Rigid Electric Bicycle36SLADK12120C3
Sakura S305Rigid Electric Bicycle36SLADK12120C3
THD9Rigid Electric Bicycle36SLADK12120C3
UM44Rigid Electric Bicycle24NiMH243644551
UM55Rigid Electric Bicycle24NiMH243644551
Alpha 3Small Electric Mobility Scooter24SLADK12100C2
Alpha 4Small Electric Mobility Scooter24SLADK12100C2
Altea 3Small Electric Mobility Scooter24SLADK12100C2
Altea 4Small Electric Mobility Scooter24SLADK12100C2
Metro 3Small Electric Mobility Scooter24SLADK12100C2
Metro 4Small Electric Mobility Scooter24SLADK12100C2
E100Small Powered Foot Scooter24SLADK12452
Jam Buster 100 WattSmall Powered Foot Scooter24SLADK12452
SR102Small Powered Foot Scooter24SLADK12452
Super Scooter WattSmall Powered Foot Scooter24SLADK12452
Sweam 100 WattSmall Powered Foot Scooter24SLADK12452

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All of the batteries we offer can be recharged, typically somewhere between a few hundred and many hundreds of times.

To ensure the maximum life is obtained from our Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries it is best to follow the following simple rules:

  • Endeavour always to fully recharge SLA batteries immediately after use.
  • Never completely discharge SLA batteries.
  • If left unused for two or three weeks again recharge SLA batteries.
To further enhance SLA battery life apply the following rules where possible:
  • Endeavour to minimise discharge current peaks by assisting electric bicycles, golf caddies and mobility solutions as they start from rest and on ascending graidents where possible.
  • Opportunity charge SLA batteries intra-day to minimize discharge.
  • Use a modern three stage SLA charger where available.
We understand that for many vehicles the latter rules cannot be applied, however they serve as a useful guide for a long SLA battery life generally.

To ensure the maximum life is obtained from Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries first and foremost read understand and apply the rules in the manual supplied with the vehicle. One rule sometimes applied to the use of NiMH batteries is that they should be considerably discharged, but not fully discharged, before being recharged.

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